The Devil is in the Detail – Retirement Age Regulations Published

You’ll probably remember that we wrote in our blog recently about the removal of the Default Retirement Age from April. The post is here.

Just a short post today to keep you up to speed. As you know we aim to trawl through all the information slushing about online to bring you stuff that’s relevant, fresh and that we think you’ll find interesting. If you are not one of our clients we’re sure that your advisers will be doing the same for you, won’t they?

Those all round good eggs at DLA Piper LLP have issued an update on the new regulations that have been issued by the government regarding the removal of the Default Retirement Age. In the old days the ink would still have been wet it’s the information is so fresh!

You can click through to the article here. There’s some really good stuff in there on Group Insured Benefits and the Transitional Arrangements as well as an excellent summary under Implications. I must say that the stuff that DLA Piper issue is really good like that in giving a good clear summary.

The insured benefit stuff isn’t quite as we were led to believe. In the previous post we wondered whether the government would “walk the talk”. Well the good news is that it has – almost.

The exemption only applies to employees who are the older of 65 or State Pensionable Age. At the moment that’s not a problem as they are broadly the same – younger for women. The government are planning to move us all to a State Pensionable Age of 68 in the future. That means you could be looking at covering employees up to 68.

Employers will need to give some thought to whether they still want to provide benefits like life assurance, income protection and critical illness to employees over State Pensionable Age.

As if you didn’t have enough on your plate to think about!

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