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Delaying your annuity can be costly

Piles of Coins Flickr Images_of_MoneyDelaying buying your annuity with a pension pot could prove costly, warns the Daily Telegraph.

It’s true that annuity rates rise with age, so a 67-year-old in good health gets about 5% more income from an annuity than a 65-year-old. But if at age 65 you defer buying an annuity for two years, you would have to live to the age of 106 before the higher income you get at age 67 would make up for the two years’ worth of income you never had.

Converting your ‘pension pot’ into lifetime income is one of the trickiest decisions people face. It’s vital to get advice – there are many more options than you may think.

At 44 Financial Ltd we specialise in helping those that are at retirement choose the right product and maximise the income they receive. We can ensure that you get the best rate by shopping around on your behalf.

If you need any help please call us on 0116 380 0133.

Steve Clark

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Who do you trust when you buy an annuity?

We have been working with a couple of clients recently who have subscribed to our Retirement Options Programme. Basically this advice service leads you through the many options for turning all of your accumulated pension plans into a regular income. This being the pensions industry there’s always more than one way to skin a pensions cat!

The last two annuities we set up showed how poor the income was that was being offered by the existing insurer. In  the first case we increased the clients income by nearly 30% and in the second case by just over 25%. This is a huge increase in income that’s payable for the rest of the client’s life. Depending on how long these clients and their spouse’s live the extra income could run into tens of thousands of pounds.

These two cases are for straightforward annuity purchases. Neither of these clients qualified for any enhanced annuity because of ill-health or lifestyle issues.

Needless to say both clients are incredibly pleased that they joined the Retirement Options Programme and took our advice.

Pension providers will now do more to encourage customers to shop around before buying an annuity. The trade body the Association of British Insurers has published a new ‘Best Practice Guide for the Retirement Process’. It sets out the principles pension providers are expected to follow. It’s designed to help increase customer understanding of retirement and purchase the right annuity for their circumstances.

The question is this – do you trust your provider to point you in the right direction or would you like to be in the same position as our clients above who have squeezed the maximum income from their pension pot?

Stop Sign Flickr ladybeamesIf you are near retirement and would like to join our Retirement Options Programme please contact us here. Don’t forget once you’ve bought your annuity it’s too late to do anything about it.