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Please help Freddie get a new kitchen for his friends!

2014-02-01 17.53.46Those of you reading this who know me will know that our son Freddie has special needs.

A little while ago Sue and I were looking for a club or activity that Freddie could go to on a Saturday. His brother and sister were off to swimming lessons and tag rugby and all manner of stuff but Freddie had nothing that he could go to.

It was then that we stumbled upon Melton Mencap and their Fun & Friendship Club on a Saturday morning. Based in Melton Mowbray; Melton Mencap is a charity that help people with learning disabilities and their carers. Those visiting the centre for their clubs and activities range from 8 to 80. They do a tremendous job and if you want to find out more click here.

Freddie absolutely loves the Fun & Friendship Club. He can’t wait to get there and we are almost always the last ones to leave the hall at the end.

We need your Vote!

Melton Mencap need your help. 44 Financial have submitted an application to the Aviva Community Fund for £3,600 for a new kitchen for Melton Mencap. The kitchen they have is well past it’s sell by date and gets constant use – seven days a week.

They’d love to install a washing machine and update their cooker so that they can help adults with learning difficulties to become more independent.

At a time when local authority provision for people with learning difficulties is contracting places like Melton Mencap do a great job in filling the gap.

How can I help?

Freddie needs your vote to help his friends at Melton Mencap get a new kitchen.

VoteYou can vote on the Aviva Community fund web site. Click here to find out more about our application and to vote.

Each person can vote up to 10 times so don’t be shy! It doesn’t cost a penny and will only take a couple of minutes – you can even use your Facebook account to log in and get your 10 votes.

It is so much more than a kitchen for all the people that Melton Mencap help to support.

Please vote if you can – Freddie will  be really pleased!



We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns

It’s been a long few weeks on Planet Pensions. The Auto-Enrolment bandwagon is creaking up to full steam with around 30,000 employers due to come into the new system this year.

As a complete break from pensions and finance I was checking out the feeds on the Zite app on my iPad. I finally wrestled it away from my son and the grasp of Minion Rush! I came across this video that has a really powerful message.

To me the video symbolises the fact that although we’re all different (and sometimes markedly so) in the end as the Scottish saying goes “We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns”. Translated literally (for those of you that are not voting in September) this means “We’re all John Thomson’s children”.

You can read more about the various interpretations of the phrase if you click here. Basically to me it means at the end of the day we are all the same. In this hectic world it’s something that we may tend to forget.