At 44 Financial we try to be different in a world where there are many shades of grey. Take, for example, our approach to looking after our clients. We’ve turned the old model, based on just selling you a product, on its head. We want to build a long term partnership with you that’s based on trust and integrity.

We want to put you, as our client, at the heart of everything we do. Too many advisers in this day and age just pay lip service to client care. To us the clue is in the word care. If we care for our clients in the long run we’ll both prosper.

That’s why Win² is part of our core values. By that we mean that what’s good for us should also be good for you too. In other words it has to be a “win – win” situation. When we take big decisions about our business Win² is always at the forefront of our thoughts. It helps us build a business that is sustainable and will still be around when some of the plans we’ve made for you come together.

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