Employing People

For most organisations their people are their greatest asset. People help an organisation succeed and thrive. However, the sea of red tape that now threatens to drown many businesses means the HR Department is often the busiest and sometimes one of the largest.

And yet there’s always so much more that needs to be done in an organisation other than dealing with staff issues. We find more and more senior managers spend more time working in the organisation than on running it.

We want to give you more time to manage and run your company, charity or not for profit organisation. We’ll do that by spending time understanding the issues and challenges that you face. Whether starting a new business, passing down the business to the next generation or an ambitious expansion plan we want to be part of it.

We’ll make sure that you have the insights, strategies and tools to help you recruit, retain and reward the best people. We’ll work with you to get your communications right and make sure your employees understand and, as importantly, value what you are doing for them.

The money that employers spend on benefits doesn’t have a tangible return. You don’t see it in the Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss Account. That’s why it’s important that we help you make sure that the money you’re spending is used wisely. That may mean cutting costs and reviewing suppliers but equally it could mean saving money in one area just to spend it on something new.

We’re in the middle of the biggest shake up in the UK pension system for a generation. It’ll eventually affect every employer in the country and increase their costs. A survey of HR and Finance Directors in June 2011 found that over 40% of those questioned had no idea of the deadline for complying with the new rules. In the words of the author of the report “It’s heading for a car crash”.

It’s never been more crucial for your organisation to have a pro-active pension and benefit adviser to guide you through the legislative maze and to help you avoid that “car crash”.