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Supporting your employees suffering from cancer

Make a Difference Flickr ind{yeah}Advising on employee benefits can be a bitter sweet experience at times. When  dealing with claims you see the worse side of human frailty. However, despite this we can still make a positive difference to an employee who is ill, or their dependants if they die.

One of the toughest things to deal with for an employer can be working out how best to support an employee who is affected by cancer while at the same time meeting the needs of your organisation. Macmillan Cancer Support has produced a pack of free resources especially for HR professionals, to provide you with all the information and practical advice you’ll need.

This toolkit includes expert guidance about minimising the impact of cancer on your organisation and all the individuals concerned, top tips for line managers to support their staff, and information to share with employees who’ve been diagnosed with cancer or who are caring for someone with cancer.

We strongly recommend that you have this information to hand. Visit the Macmillan website to order your free toolkit today.

Steve Clark

Photo Courtesy of Flickr: ind{yeah}