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Don’t you just love it when……….

Someone does something that saves you a tremendous amount of time.

Well this month’s “Don’t you just love it….” award goes to those legal bods over at DLA Piper for their latest edition of Pensions News.

It’s got all the latest stuff on Auto-Enrolment, The Pensions Regulator, Pension Protection Fund, changes in legislation and so much more. And yet you can have all access to this in the time that you take to drink a nice cup of Nambarrie tea – Northern Ireland’s finest.

If all this suspense is too much click this link to get your pensions fix – courtesy of DLA Piper.

Steve Clark

A couple of bits of background reading

As ever nothing stays the same. Just a short post to include a couple of links to some good material that I have been sent by the very nice people at Herbert Smith LLP and DLA Piper LLP. We thought we’d include the links and a little bit of background to save you the time. We try to scour the web for this sort of thing so our clients don’t have to!

Herbert Smith – Round up of pensions developments

Click here a good overview of everything that’s going on in the world of pensions. If your organisation participates in a final salary multi-employer pension scheme there’s a good write up of a Scottish case. It involves an insolvent employer and a £20m debt. We won’t say any more it’ll only spoil the ending!

There’s also a good article on a TUPE case where some employees ended up getting taxed on a compensation payment for loss of benefits on a TUPE transfer. Buyer beware is the motto for TUPE transactions.

DLA Piper LLP – Be Aware

Click here for the February edition of the DLA Piper Employment Law publication Be Aware.

There’s some good stuff on the removal of the Default Retirement Age and what you can and can’t do. There’s also a good round up of what’s on the horizon legislation wise. Finally, the At a Glance section is a good overview of the various pay rates, maximum awards etc.