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TUPE & Administrations

Just before we all went off for our break there were two important Employment Tribunal cases involving companies in administration.

TUPE is a minefield as it is when there is a company transaction involved. It’s easy for an employer to come a cropper. Throw into this heady mix one side that is, or has been, in administration and it’s ever more complicated.

We are, therefore, grateful to Dechert LLP for their employment law update that sets out a good summary of the cases and where we stand now in this area. You can click through to the summary here.

As always with these cases the cost of a good legal adviser is a sound investment.

Steve Clark

Cost cutting–alternatives to redundancies

We’re constantly working with clients and prospective clients looking to make sure that the money they spend on benefits is effective.

In the current economic climate we look to save money for the employer. In a previous blog post “Is your advisor saving you this much?” we looked at the money we had saved a client who had recently appointed us. You can read the post by clicking here and find out how we saved them £95 per day!

When things like the benefit spend have been tackled some employers are still looking to save costs and then go on to consider redundancies. We received an update today from McDermott Will & Emery – an international legal firm. There’s a really good article in there that cover alternatives to redundancies. It’s well worth a read if you are looking at this type of exercise. You can click here to read the article.

If you are looking to save money on your benefits programme please email us at

Steve Clark

Receivership–the ghost of Christmas future?

As I type what is probably the last blog article I can’t help feeling a lot like the Ghost of Christmas Future in the Dickens novel A Christmas Carol.

This morning we received an update from those very nice people at Nabarro which contained a Guide to Receivership. As we see a growing trend of corporate insolvencies it’s something that some businesses are likely to encounter amongst their customers, clients or suppliers.

For that reason I’ve included a link to the guide here. It’s probably not something that you want to read over the festive holiday. You may just want to keep it to one side as a useful reference if you come across the issue.

That’s likely to be all from us here at 44 Financial Ltd. May we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year.

Steve Clark