Tartan Taxation–Celtic chaos for pensions?

Being a Scotsman (albeit having lived in England for most of my life) the question of will we, won’t we have independence has cropped up since, in my case, 1976.

Well it now seems that the Scotland Bill – which is currently making its way through Parliament – may well cause further turmoil in an already downtrodden pensions world.

We thank Louisa Knox of law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn, for her recent article that draws attention to the problems the current Scotland Bill would pose for the pensions industry. It is an excellent and thought provoking piece. You can click through to the article here.

The last thing the pensions world needs is more uncertainty and red tape. It would seem as if the Holyrood and Westminster politicians need to get their heads together to think this one through. What is the chance of that happening?

Steve Clark

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