Govt eases rules on auto-enrolment?

The second response in the government’s consultation on auto-enrolment was issued late last week.

In the second round of consultations the government propose that employers can ignore certain groups of workers in their assessment. These are:

  • Employees who are already contributing to pension savings.
  • Employees who are just about to leave.
  • Employees who have given notice of their retirement.
  • Employees who have cancelled pension membership after being contract joined.

Although it does seem at times with auto enrolment that we are building an aeroplane in the sky these recent suggestions are pragmatic and welcome. If nothing else it shows that the government are listening (and not to your mobile phone calls for a change!) and are prepared to alter the regulations to make them more workable for employers.

The ministry mandarins are working on the proposals as we speak and we’ll have to see what they deliver.

Meanwhile, where this leaves many of the small employers who are facing the daunting task of dealing with auto-enrolment with no advice is debatable.

Steve Clark

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