Give your employees a pay rise at no cost to you. Here’s how!

With the Eurozone in continued crisis, more cuts on the way and talk of a triple dip recession; keeping the lid on business Factory Workers Flickr memekillerfinances is vital. But how does that affect your employees?

In many businesses April is pay review time. How will your employees feel if their take-home pay is falling in real terms? It seems that all but the top performers and job hoppers have seen their spending power fall in recent years with little prospect of recovery.

Fed up employees impact on your bottom line. Whether it is failing to come to work with their A-game, distracting others with their tales of woe or the simple act of quitting to go to a better paid job, they can undermine productivity and stop your business reaching its potential.

So its a delicate balance, as always, between payroll and profit and loss. However, if you’re looking to reward your employees there is another way. Employee benefits are a great way of putting money in your employee’s pockets without increasing your costs. In some instances it can actually end up saving you money.

Perhaps the best route to achieving this is through salary sacrifice – something many overlook. Both the employer and employee can benefit in the form of NI savings and/or reduced tax. Here’s a quick run through of how it works.

  1. Decide which benefits you want to offer your employees. These can be childcare vouchers, pension contributions, medical cash plan, cycle to work schemes, cars, laptops or wider benefits.
  2. Find a benefits platform to administrate your scheme. This part will cost you but don’t worry their fees will normally come out of the money you’ve saved in National Insurance and tax.
  3. Offer your employees the chance to voluntarily reduce their salary by the value of the benefits they want. These are then paid directly by the employer.

The recent changes to Child Benefit for higher earners means that some of your affected employees could end up getting some of their Child Benefit back if they use salary sacrifice.

As with any benefit, salary sacrifice needs careful explanation and communication to your employees. They will need to think about the impact of giving up salary in favour of benefits. In some instances they’ll need to get financial advice.

Sounds a good deal doesn’t it. Now if only you could find a company that’s interested in your business, can help you deal with all this, select a provider, source the benefits, communicate with your staff and give financial advice to your employees. The great news, if your reading this, is that you already have. 44 Financial have many years of experience of working with businesses like yours to install salary sacrifice schemes.

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